Share Your Knowledge With a Special Education Lesson Plan


Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and feed him for a life time. Education from school will get you job that will feed you daily but we want to give you a continuing education that will teach you how to use your knowledge to feed yourself and your family for a life time.

Knowledge is power, your skills are YOUR power; and no on else’s. It’s not your boss’s power and it’s not’s the owner of the company that you work for. So stop using it to feed them only and start using it for yourself and your love ones. Your knowledge and your skills are like your fishing sprout; with it, you could go out there and deep it in the sea of the universe and let the fish come to you. You could use that beautiful mind of yours and put it out there; share it with other great mind and people that are looking for it. Yes! You are worth so mush more then you think, I’m sure that you know something and have answer to someone’s question out there. And that person is desperately looking for you to help him, inform him or guide him to the solution. But your fishing sprout that hold the solution that will help them solve their problem is no where to be find. Ho yeah I know where it is, in your boss’ ocean catching fish for him.

We have a cousin that just graduated in dentistry. He have been going to school and worked hard to get there. We are so proud of him. He Just started is first job as a dentist in a clinic in Miami and Wisler had set up an appointment with him to get his teeth check. As Wisler was getting excellent service from his private dentist, he was bombarding our cousin with question about how to better take care of his teeth. Wisler was amazed with the baggage of information that our cousin was providing him with. He knows everything you need to know about what is going on in your mouth and why. We understand the importance of an education; it’s because of the education that he had received at school that he was able to get all this knowledge. Don’t you think that there are people out there that are face with a mouth situation and need information, tips, advice and guidance to respond to their mouth situation issue or concern, without running to see a dentist right there and then? It happen all the time, we are in the information age, people want to know before they make a move or take a decision, and they want to know now!! Understanding the secret on how to share our knowledge to them is what’s going to make you move forward.

You could get up everyday, and go to the same spot to get your fish and from time to time change the spot if you don’t get along with the others who comes to get their fish too, or if you thing you are not getting enough fish at that spot. It doesn’t matter because if you don’t get up very day to go get that fish, you will not eat and you will not be able to feed your family. Or, you could choose to become your own fish provider. For that you have to change your life style and develop rich habits that will replace the old one that are not getting you ahead.

That’s not it; you cannot just go out there like you are the best fisher man in town. You could actually waist a lot of time and energy and catch no fish or not enough. You have to learn the right techniques, get the best training, the right equipment, the right instructor etc… You could even make a research on what kind of fish you want to get and where you could find them. All that makes you more effective to get the results you want.

We truly believe that there is something special and unique about each person. But we live in such competitive world that we focus more on finding everything that is wrong with the other instead of searching the good and values that the other have that we could share and exchange with them to live in harmony and peace. Everyone knows something that can be valuable to another; everyone has something good to offer and to share. We want to help you expand and exploit the best of you.

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