Tips For Choosing A New Career With The Jung Career Indicator Test


Congratulations on your decision to further your education! Returning to school to seek a new career that will lead to job security and stability is a wise decision but may be overwhelming at first and one that requires a bit of research and careful consideration. At this point you may be wondering where to begin and what career path to choose? The idea to return to school is not a difficult one, in fact many actively contemplate this thought but few people act upon it. Generally speaking one of the first factors most people think about when choosing a new career is the potential salary. However if money is the only deciding factor then the person may be neglecting the simple principle of happiness and as a result the person may find themselves unfulfilled in a new career regardless of income. Therefore it is essential to also consider a profession that also meets the individual’s interests, and personality traits and not simply the money aspect.

For this reason it is recommended to begin with a personality and career test such as the “Jung Typology Test” and the “Jung Career Indicator” both are offered for free by Human Metrics. These are simple questions with “yes” and “no” answers and only take a few minutes to complete and give instant results. When taking this test it is highly recommended to go with your gut feeling, meaning don’t over analyze the question, just answer it truthfully, don’t give the answer that you think you should answer, instead the honest one. The results will only help guide you in your search for a new career or college program. In addition the Jung Career Indicator Test also provides potential career matches to consider such as Nursing, Computer Technician, Medical Transcription, and Graphic Designer just to mention a few. This test is especially important because not only does it match the personality to the career but it also provides a list of reputable local colleges such as:

  • Devry University
  • SCIT
  • Bryman College
  • West Coast University
  • Everest College
  • Fullerton College

Keep in mind the above list are not your only options for schools, there are many choices and various programs that range from short achievable online certificate programs, two-year Associates Degree programs and more advanced degrees. There are alternate online programs also available that will help you achieve your academic goals such as:

  • Western Governors University
  • Devry University
  • Career Step
  • Future MT

To summarize it is important to consider salary, but that should not be the only deciding factor primarily because neglecting the individual’s personal preferences or personality traits may lead dissatisfaction. So begin by first discovering some traits about yourself by taking the two free tests offered on Human Metrics, narrow down a few career options, then look into some of the local colleges and chose the one that best fits your needs. The “bottom line” is to start your search for a new career now, it is never too soon or too late and the Jung Career Indicator Test is a good starting point. Remember it is free, quick and simple so don’t procrastinate and get started now.

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